Our Core Values

The mission of First Baptist Church is to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. We want to expand God's Kingdom by bringing people to Christ and then help them to mature in their faith by providing opportunities for growth and service.

We Value Worship At FBC, Jesus Christ is held in the highest esteem as our ultimate object of affection and devotion. We believe the Bible completely, proclaim it passionately, and apply it creatively, and we believe that the Creator of the universe deserves the very best we have to offer in all areas of ministry.

Therefore, we value the tradition of Christ centered worship based on the life, ministry, and example of Jesus, the message of the Scriptures, and congregational participation in the worship of the church, as well as the traditional sacraments of believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

We Value Ministry We value our call to proclaim the gospel to every person. While we respect the beliefs of others, we desire to share the good news of God's salvation in Jesus Christ with everyone through our words and deeds for it is the key to eternal happiness and the full life God desires for us all, and to minister to our communities and to live as "salt and light" as Christ's representatives.

We value our call to encourage spiritual growth and fulfillment in every member. We value Christ's model for ministry and leadership that is the role of a servant and expect servant oriented leadership to be the goal of all who serve our church in leadership.

We value our congregation's heritage and express thanksgiving to God for blessing the ministries of this church, and value our responsibility to be faithful stewards of all God has entrusted to us.

We Value Fellowship We value the unity of the church based solely on our shared faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

We value traditional Baptist congregational life marked by commitment to freedom in Christ, the priesthood of every believer, congregational government by democracy, local church autonomy, and the separation of church and state.

We value all persons. We accept all persons on their profession or statement of faith in Christ. We believe the grace of God forgives, cleanses, and restores everyone so that all persons can serve God freely in the church, and we value mutual care for one another and strive to love one another out of reverence for Christ and to maintain harmony through acceptance and forgiveness.

We value the fellowship of the Lord's Table and invite all persons who profess faith in Christ to share in celebrating the Lord's Supper.