Youth Ministry

The goal of the youth ministry of First Baptist is to introduce students to the life changing message of Jesus Christ and help them to grow to have a mature faith of their own and become life changers to those around them

Through Bible study, we want students to grow in their knowledge and understanding of God's Word, but not just for knowledge sake. We want them to live it out in their every day lives.

We want students to understand that all Christians are called to serve. Through mission trips and local mission projects, students learn to serve God by serving others.

Ages: 7th grade - 12th grade

Weekly Schedule:Bible Study — Sunday mornings @ 9:45 in the Youth Room

Wednesday Night Live — Wednesdays @ 6:15pm in the Youth Room

Powerhouse — Thursdays @ 7:00am at Jack's

DiscipleNow  -  February 20 - 22, 2015Our annual Disciple Now weekend is normally in late January. Disciple Now is packed with Bible study, fellowship, worship, and fun. We break up into groups according to grade and gender and stay in church members homes Friday and Saturday nights. During that time, we have small group times, fellowship times, and little sleep. College students lead our small group times.

The whole weekend revolves around several worship/teaching times at Fairhaven Baptist Church. We meet with several other churches for this large group time.

MFUGE  -  June 22 - 27, 2015 @ Belmont UniversityMFugeAt MFuge, you can roll your sleeves up and get ready to jump right into ministry... Our students and adults get to invest their time and energy into a variety of mission projects like Children's Ministry, Games & Recreation, Social Ministry, Creative Ministry, and Painting, Construction & Yard work. During the day, our students will be challenged and stretched as individuals; in the evenings, they'll have an opportunity to build group unity over dinner, worship, fellowships, and church group devotions.

Super Summer Alabama  -  July 13 - 17, 2015 @ Shocco SpringsSuper Summer is not your usual summer camp. The camp focuses on two major themes: Leadership and Discipleship. Students who Super Summerparticipate will be challenged to deepen their faith and stand out as the leader God wants them to be.

Students must have completed the 8th-12th grade and exemplify solid, spiritual leadership. Each student must uphold to a high standard of Christian maturity and meet certain requirements in order to participate.

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